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Totem Lake Excavator Rentals

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Cline Rents offers a number of excavators with different buckets and attachments to meet your needs for excavating in Totem Lake.

Totem Lake Excavator Rentals

An excavator is a piece of earth moving equipment.  Sometimes referred to as a digger, an excavator is made up of a reinforced cab where the operator sits, a boom that extends out from the cab, a dipper attached to the boom, and a bucket on the end of the dipper.  The entire assembly is usually mounted on a tracked or wheeled base that is capable of rotating up to 360 degrees.

Excavators were originally built with pulleys and cables with steam power to drive them.  As technology has improved, excavators are gas or diesel powered and use hydraulic cylinders and pumps to move the articulated arm.

There is a wide variety of excavators available on the market in many different sizes and capacities.  Most excavators have detachable buckets allowing them to be outfitted with much more than a bucket, essentially make them much more than an excavator / earth mover.

We try to stock the most useful mix for a variety of jobs needed by people wanting to do an excavator rental.  Totem Lake commercial operations and individuals alike will find we can often meet their needs. 


Make sure you have read the manual and completely familiarized yourself with its operation.  Take some time to play with the controls  and test drive your Totem Lake excavator rental.  You want your operational efficiency high enough that controls are understood and natural to use.

Make sure your boom and blade are raised before you attempt to move the excavator.

Probably the most common use of an excavator is trenching.  There are a number of helpful tips to make trenching go smoothly and help you obtain the result you were looking for.  The biggest tip I think is to plan it out thoroughly before you start and take your time once you start.

Before digging a trench check with the local authorities, usually a utility district, to make sure you know where underground pipes and wiring are.  Last thing you want to do is damage and existing system, blow yourself up with a gas line or electrocute yourself on a power circuit.  According to the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission, "The only way you can be sure that you are digging safely is to Call 811 Before You Dig, and request a FREE underground utility locate."1

Very important is that make sure the excavator is level so that cuts will be as desired.  It will help with safety and assist with making your trench floor level. Some operators will use a torpedo level taped inside the cab. A better option is to use a grade laser or other form of grade control system2

Don't dig beneath the excavator.  Doing this can cause the trench to collapse and the excavator to drop into the trench damaging the equipment, possibly the operator and creating a difficult clean up situation.

Pay attention to safety.  If you have a protruding back end on the cab remember that when you swing it is going to fly out and possibly catch people or materials.  Remember that the forward and backward lever in the cab is relative to the tracks on the equipment, not the way the operator is facing!

Be sure to store the excavator on level ground with the cab locked.

Finally, one very common mistake new equipment operators make is to create a trench as a series of holes.  The right way to cut a trench is like peeling an onion.  Cut layers the full length of the trench until the desired depth is reached.

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