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Cline Rents rents only high quality and professional tools, equipment, heavy machinery and trailers. Our equipment is expensive to purchase and maintain so it must only be used by persons with adequate training and in accordance with the manufactures recommendations for use. The operator must also be proficient in the operation of the tools, equipment, heavy machinery and trailers to avoid serious injury or damage. A complete copy of Cline Rents' Rental Agreement can be obtained by calling or visiting Cline Rents.

  • Some of these Policies, Procedures and Best Practices include, but are not limited to,
  • General Liability Insurance of $500,000 per occurrence.
  • Property Insurance equal to or exceeding MSRP of all equipment being rented.
  • Assumption of all risk associated with equipment being rented including Injury and Property Damage.
  • 8-Hours of operating time is permitted within each 24-hour period, starting at the time the equipment is rented. Any operating time in excess of 8-hours in each 24-hour period will be billed in addition to the listed rate.
  • All equipment must be brought back in clean condition. This includes dirt in tracks, loose debris on trailers, dirty or greasy equipment after use or other such cleaning maintenance required as a result of use of the equipment.
  • Equipment must be returned with a full fuel tank. Fuel tanks not filled will be billed by the gallon as an additional charge, at the rate listed in the rental contract but no-less than the current market rate.
  • All two-axle trailers require a minimum of a 1-ton rated vehicle. This vehicle must be equipped with a a working light hookup, brake control and a minimum rating of a 10,000 lb. hitch.
  • Equipment must be properly secured and made able to be transported safely at all times, while being transported. Renter accepts all liability from debris or equipment that causes injury or damage while being transported.
  • Operators must have all required state and federal documents and permits for each piece of equipment they will be operating.
  • Renter accepts all costs related to damage to equipment from mis-use or neglect, lost or stolen equipment, vandalism, or other such costs as a result of the rental of the equipment.
  • Cline Rents reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason.