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Totem Lake dump trailer rentals

Totem Lake Dump Trailer Rentals

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Totem Lake Dump Trailer Rentals

Dump trailers are a must have for any medium or large size construction job. Tear down, demolition, renovation, land clearing, and remodels can all benefit from having a dump trailer on site. Your choices for waste removal include dump trailers, dumpsters, and junk removal services.

Dumpsters are great for large jobs with rapid waste generation (more than 4 yards of waste per day or half-day). When waste generation is less, a dump trailer that is mobile is often a better idea. Fill the dump trailer and run it to the transfer station. Save $40 to $50 per ton in dump fees over a dumpster. Clean up the job site daily. Keep a large, ugly, difficult to position dump trailer off site. If you are working on your own property your family will appreciate it. If you are doing a commercial job your client will not only appreciate it, but it will give you a selling advantage.

Junk haulers are fine for dumping the old washing machine. When you have a large job, you want to move waste once: from where it lies to the trailer, not from where it lies to a staging area to a dump truck. A dump trailer is more convenient, can be loaded multiple times, and saves you transfer station fee mark ups.

Our dump trailers have low beds for easy loading, hydraulic lifts for easy dumping, and great daily rates to save you money. Give us a call to reserve your Totem Lake dump trailer, now. (206) 375-0705

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